Worldwide Asteroidal Occultation Observations and Resources

updated 2024 February 11


Primary IOTA Occultations Webpage

Primary IOTA Occultations Observing Information Website


Results of Observations

Australia/New Zealand

RASNZ Occultation Manual

IOTA/ East Asia


(Europe through 2022)


Results page

North American Results page


North American Asteroidal Occultation Resources page

IOTA - Central & South America


LIADA (Spanish)

REA Occultation Section (Portuguese)


The Index of Worldwide Asteroidal Occultation Reports

compiled by Hayato Watanabe


Online Resources for Asteroidal Occultation Observations




What is available at these links?



How are these Forms used?


What do I need to make observations?

FREE Software

How can these programs help

with my observations?


Steve Preston's Predictions Website


Derek Breit's Worldwide Interactive Maps,

Stations and Pre-Point Star Lists

(includes link to IOTA's FREE Observers' Manual -

also available to the right)


Occultations by Kuiper Belt and

Trans-Neptunian Objects

MIT Predictions

Paris Observatory Predictions

(occultations for different years start about five sections below top)


EAON - Jean Schwaenen


All About Occult's Star Catalog Comparison Routine

Dave Herald (2.1 Mb PPT)


Update to Occult's Star Catalog Comparisons



Grazing Occultations for 2016



Occultations by Asteroids - 2017

(Edwin Goffin)

ReadMe file


List of Occultations by Asteroids - 2018

(Edwin Goffin)

Information about Occultations

Use the Region Number

(first column of above text file)

to find maps for each event

Regions:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8


Go to YOUR world region link (above) to get Report Forms designed for your use.


IOTA Report Forms

These Excel Forms are for use in

North America and Australia/New Zealand ONLY


Text Form



FREE IOTA Observers' Manual

Chasing the Shadow:

The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual





The "Mighty-Mini" video camera system by Scotty Degenhardt

Text document   Larger Picture

Go to the North American page for MUCH more information on Scotty's systems!


Video Astrometry

by Dave Herald


JXD990 - 8000 Video Recorder Manual


Important:  KIWI-VTI Startup Procedures

by Dave Gault


KIWI-OSD Users' Manual

Dave Gault's Note


KIWI-OSD Firmware Upgrade






(occultation planning software)


VirtualDub              Avisynth  

User Webpage (NEW!)

LiMovie (latest version

LiMovie (version    

Using LiMovie (Word file)

Notes on Use of New Version (text)

LiMovie download site (old information)



software for measuring occultation light curves

and photometry



OccuRec is a video recorder for Windows that has been specifically created to provide better options

for recording Asteroidal Occultations



(highly recommended planning software, informs you of asteroidal and TNO occultations visible from your
  site or region; IOTA's main tool for coordinating
  observations to optimally cover event paths)


Occular 4.0

Occular Download File (zip file)

Installation Directions (text file)



(with link to new Registax 6)

Using Registax with your Occultation Videos

Short Tutorial for Registax 6


LiMovie Average (zip file)

Using LiMovie Average with

Mutual Events (text)


R-code Occultation Timing Extractor

(R-OTE) v 4.6.0

(105 Mb file)

28 August 2017 Update



Installation Guides




IOTA Video Capture

Additional Details


PyMovie Resources Page



Miscellaneous Archived


Where can I find data

from previous events?

Videos and more

Miscellaneous Information

See samples of actual

asteroid occultations

Satellite Pictures

and Forecasts

Use these maps and forecasts

to help plan your observations.


IOTA Awards Page


IOTA - Middle East Newsletter

No. 1   No. 2   No. 3    No. 4

No. 5    No. 6    No. 7    No. 8

No. 9   No. 10   No. 11   No. 12

No. 13   No. 14   No. 15   No. 16

No. 17   No. 18   No. 19   No. 20

No. 21   No.22   No. 23   No. 24

No. 25   No. 26   No. 27  No. 28

No. 29  No. 30  No. 31


The Transit of Venus


IOTA Occultation Observers' Manual

Asteroid Pronunciations

Topographic Maps


N. American Asteroid Homepage

IOTA Administrative Site

IOTA Lunar Occultation Site


An Occultation Observer Primer

(text file)


Nautical Almanac Office Technical Note 34

by Gordon Taylor

August, 1974



NASA Asteroid Data Set

Introductory Pages




MPOCC Data Set


North American Asteroidal

Occultation Pages

2006 IOTA Page

2007 IOTA Page

2008 IOTA Page

2009 IOTA Page

2010 IOTA Page

2011 IOTA Page

2012 IOTA Page

2013 IOTA Page

2014 IOTA Page

2015 IOTA Page

2016 IOTA Page



Euraster - Eric Frappa





Dedicated YouTube page

containing Asteroid and Lunar

Occultation videos plus

others that are related


David Dunham's Video Page

Dave Gault's Video Page


Tutorial on the Use of OccultWatcher

by Ted Blank



W. J. Merline Award for Discovery of an Asteroid Moon by Occultation (MADAMO)


Images from Previous Solar Eclipses

provided by Bob Sandy


GOES East 1-km Images

Astro Meteo (N. America)

Meteo Blue (Europe)

Detailed Satellite Images


Western North America

Weather Satellite


North America Weather Satellite


FAQ Binary and Asteroid Satellites



How do I TIME an Occultation?

Can I time an occultation with a CCD CAMERA?


How do I make observations and why are they important? 

by Paul Maley


How to Download and Reduce Asteroid Occultation DV Tapes

Richard Nolthenius



Satellites of Asteroids


Jerome Berthier's Occultation Predictions

by Asteroid Satellites


Evidence for Asteroid Satellites

by Paul Maley

(presentation to Binary Asteroids Workshop - 5.4 Mb)


The "Hercules" Club

Observers who have positioned themselves between the two shadows

of a double asteroid,

so as to observe an occultation by neither component.



    Asteroid Diameters from Occultations by John Broughton


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