Asteroid Occultation Report Forms

Updated Thursday, March 08, 2018


Download the basic Report Form below to Report your observations.  Email to the address shown below (also on the Form).


These Forms are to be used ONLY by observers in North America and Australasia!

Observers in other parts of the world have their own reporting systems in place.


These Forms work with Excel and the latest version of OpenOffice.  They are Mac and PC compatible.

Please read the Directions for using these forms carefully.

If you cannot use the Excel forms, use the "old-style" text form.



Blank Excel Report Form with Directions

Version 5.5.9


Read this for help in using new Form!

ReadMe File (Word)


Supports Run Cam Eagle Astro camera!!

Automatically applies integration and VTI corrections

PLEASE read the Directions Tab if you are not sure!



Text Form





Main Worldwide Asteroidal Occultation Page


Main North American Asteroidal Page


North American Results Page



For users of OccultWatcher, PLEASE use the Add-in that automatically populates the Asteroid Report Form with information about the event.

With the Report Form still open, fill in the pertinent information about the timing of the event and sky conditions.

Once Saved, this Report Form is ready to be emailed to the address shown below.

OccultWatcher does NOT automatically send this completed Report Form!


Very Important!!

For those who will be downloading the Report Form on this page:

You can do this in two ways:

1) Click on the file you need and choose "Save" and then place the file in a directory on your computer, or

2) Right-click on the file, choose "Save Target As" and then save the file to a directory on your computer.)

Start Excel or OpenOffice and Open this Saved File

Insert your location specific data including the Predict Time at the top.

If you have a "Miss", be sure the upper left drop-down shows "Negative" and "Was this a Miss?" at the bottom is "Yes"

Take care to use the drop-down menus properly when choosing the format for latitude and longitude.

Be sure you have included the Asteroid #, Asteroid Name, Star Catalog (from drop-down list), and Star Identifier (using proper format).


Save As:  Replace the YYYYMMDD with the appropriate Date using this format shown.

Place the Asteroid Number in place of the "NUM" in the file name.

 Place Your Last Name in place of LastName in the file name.

Replace "Pos" with "Neg" if you observed a Miss.

For example:  "20110115_AstRep_657_Timerson_Pos.xls"

or:  "20110115_AstRep_657_Timerson_Neg.xls"


Send the Form to the email address below as an attachment.


Send ALL completed reports to:

No other copies need be sent out anymore.


PLEASE use one of the following examples when you create a Subject Line for the emails:

Subject:  2011 04 10  (7) Iris  Positive 

Subject:  2011 03 26  (498) Tokio Negative




Report all problems, including omissions and errors to:  Brad Timerson

Remember, you can always use one of the Blank Report Forms for your observations.