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2017/04/16 838 Seraphina   C. Anderson/Ky. Hansen/Ka. Hansen  
2017/04/14 96 Aegle   P. Maley, T. George (m)  
2017/04/11 105 Artemis   T. Blank (2+), P. Maley, C. Anderson  
2017/04/10 599 Luisa   D./J. Dunham (2+. 2m), R. Venable (2+, 1m), C. Ellington  
2017/04/08 1300 Marcelle   R. Dunford, B. Billard (m)  
2017/04/01 238 Hypatia


(only 1+)

P. Maley, W. Thomas (m) AZ
2017/03/30 467 Laura


(only 1+)

P. Maley, T. George (m) AZ
2017/03/30 68 Leto


(only 1+)

R. Bria CT
2017/03/29 304 Olga


(only 1+)

M. Fulbright NC
2017/03/27 581 Tauntonia


(only 1+)

P. Maley AZ
2017/03/24 1467 Mashona


(only 1+)

D./J. Dunham MD
2017/03/18 461 Saskia


(only 1+)

D. Breit CA
2017/03/15 147 Protogeneia


with Damit Model 558

G. Mroz, D. Breit All
2017/03/14 311 Amalthea pending

T. Blank (3+, 1m), W. Thomas, P. Maley, R. Campbell, D. Eisfeldt,

S. Insana (m), S. Deen (m)

West    TX
2017/03/09 648 Pippa


(only 1+)

D. Caton NC
2017/03/08 686 Gersuind


with Damit Model 1003

D. Oesper, R. Trank, B. Dunford (2m) All
2017/03/08 235 Carolina OCCULT

G. Lyzenga, P. Maley, D. Klinglesmith, W. Owen,

P. Eschman et al (m), T. George (m), M. Smith (m), C. McPartlin (m)

2017/03/05 225 Henrietta OCCULT P. Maley, T. George, T. Blank, W. Thomas AZ
2017/03/03 25 Phocaea


(only 1+)

(possible double?)

B. Dunford IL
2017/03/02 1186 Turnera OCCULT P. Maley, W. Thomas, J. Keller et al, L. Palmer (m), T. George (m), P. Facuna (m) All
2017/03/02 739 Mandeville


(only 1+)

R. Nugent TX
2017/02/24 578 Happelia

OCCULT with Damit Model 660

(only 1+)

possible satellite

M. Smith TX
2017/02/05 204 Kallisto OCCULT J. Moore, S. Messner OK
2017/02/04 178 Belisana


(only 1+)

S. Messner OK
2017/02/01 121 Hermione


with Damit Model 156

G. Mroz, P. Maley, T. George (m) All
2017/01/31 206 Hersilia OCCULT D. Dunham (4+, 1m), B. Sandy, B. Gimple, J. Bardecker, P. Maley, D. Caton (m) East     West
2017/01/29 514 Armida OCCULT

S. Conard, E. Warner, A. Scheck, C. Terrill/M. Chesnes, D. Dunham,

W. Owen, G. Lyzenga, B. Billard (m)

East 1    East 2


2017/01/26 693 Zerbinetta OCCULT P. Maley, D. Roemer et al All
2017/01/20 5153 Gierasch


(only 1+)

D/J Dunham, A. Scheck (m) All
2017/01/18 52 Europa


with Damit Model 463

C. Anderson, J. Moore All
2017/01/16 165 Loreley


with Damit Model 295

C. McPartlin, P. Maley, B. Krobusek All
2017/01/08 171 Ophelia


(only 1+)

N. Smith GA
2017/01/08 2906 Caltech


(only 1+)

A. Olsen, B. Dunford (m) IL
2017/01/07 362 Havnia preliminary T. George, W. Thomas, M. Buie, C. Wiesenborn, P. Maley (m) All
2017/01/04 785 Zwetana


(only 1+)

C. Ellington, S. Preston (m) WA




Miscellaneous Results (from other regions)


2016/12/24 22 Kalliope OCCULT India and Europe India      Europe


Reports without links are Incomplete - awaiting further observations.

(m) indicates a Miss observation within an event with at least 1 positive observation

*Profiles provided here are preliminary.

Profiles shown for the "only 1+" events are for observer feedback only.

Asteroid profiles only show the line of sight view at the time of the occultation.

The true size/shape of an asteroid in 3-dimensions cannot be determined from a single occultation.

Dave Herald should be contacted for "official" profile information.

Determining the Profile of an asteroid from a limited number of observations can lead to misrepresentations.




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