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2014/04/14 13832 1999 XR14   C. Ellington, F. Melillo (m)  
2014/04/14 886 Washingtonia   C. McPartlin, R. Nolthenius, T. George (m), W. Thomas (m), D. Breit (m), B. Jones (m)  
2014/04/11 72 Feronia   T. Campbell, D. Oesper (m)  
2014/04/02 1257 Mora   C. Ellington, D. Dunham  
2014/04/01 188 Menippe   B. Meadows/D. Wright/D. Brown/C. Lydon/K. Green  
2014/03/25 80 Sappho


(only 1 +)

T. George AZ
2014/03/12 381 Myrrha


(only 1 +)

D. Caton, M. Good (m), A. Scheck (m), C. Ellington (m), J. Brooks (m), S. Conard (m),

D. Dunham (2m), J. Dunham (m)

2014/03/11 114 Kassandra OCCULT R. Venable (2+, 2m), A. Ling (m), D. Caton (m) USA   Canada
2014/02/05 73 Klytia


(only 1 +)

T. Swift CA
2014/02/04 134 Sophrosyne


(only 1 +)

J. Bardecker NV
2014/01/27 914 Palisana


(only 1 +)

S. Conard MD
2014/01/21 345 Tercidina OCCULT P. Maley, P.Maley/P. Burley,  B. Harris, R. Nugent (m), C. McPartlin (m) All
2014/01/18 664 Judith OCCULT D. Breit (possible double), R. Nolthenius, Y. Liu (m) CA
2014/01/17 238 Hypatia OCCULT S. Conard (graze), W. Thomas, S. Herchak (m) All
2014/01/15 16368 Citta di Alba OCCULT D. Breit, R. Sumner/J. Bean/Z. Gray, J. Bardecker (m) All
2014/01/12 1021 Flammario


(only 1 +)

R. Venable (1+, 1m) SC
2014/01/04 834 Burnhamia


(only 1 +)

T. Atwood (et al), D. Oesper (m), C. Wagoner (m) All
2013/12/28 141 Lumen  USA  Japan

Both Components


T. George (2+), W. Morgan (m), E. Edens (m), M. Ida, M. Ishida, M. Owada,

R. Aikawa (m), A. Hashimoto (m), T. Horaguchi (m),

K. Kitazaki (m), S. Uchiyama (m), S. Uehara (m), A. Yaeza (m)

Japan   USA
2013/12/27 1049 Gotho


(only 1 +)

A. Olsen IL
2013/12/22 236 Honoria OCCULT D. Breit, R. Nolthenius, J. Bardecker (m) All
2013/12/16 365 Corduba OCCULT D. Oesper, R. Venable (2+, 2m) All
2013/12/15 660 Crescentia


(only 1 +)

C. McPartlin CA
2013/12/13 56 Melete


(only 1 +)

J. Bardecker NV
2013/12/11 231 Vindobona


(only 1 +)

H. Gillespie, M. Croom/L. Taylor VA
2013/12/11 52 Europa


(only 1 +)

with possible ISAM Model

R. Venable GA
2013/12/07 11 Parthenope


(only 1 +)

B. Dunford, A. Olsen (m) IL
2013/12/07 2731 Cucula


(only 1 +)

A. Olsen IL



Reports without links are Incomplete - awaiting further observations.

(m) indicates a Miss observation within an event with at least 1 positive observation

*Profiles provided here are preliminary.

Profiles shown for the "only 1+" events are for observer feedback only.

Asteroid profiles only show the line of sight view at the time of the occultation.

The true size/shape of an asteroid in 3-dimensions cannot be determined from a single occultation.

Dave Herald should be contacted for "official" profile information.

Determining the Profile of an asteroid from a limited number of observations can lead to misrepresentations.



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