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2015/02/22 892 Seeligeria   S. Conard MD
2015/02/21 176 Iduna   P. Sada Mexico
2015/02/18 71 Niobe OCCULT P. Maley, P. Maley/D. Rask (2+), P. Maley/P. Burley (2+), C. McPartlin (m) TX     CA
2015/02/12 931 Whittemora


(only 1 +)

C. Anderson/D. West, J. Bardecker (m) All
2015/02/12 107 Camilla


D. Breit (double star), T. Blank (secondary only), S. Herchak (m),

T. George (m), C. McPartlin (m)

2015/02/06 176 Iduna


(only 1 +)

C. McPartlin CA
2015/02/03 565 Marbachia OCCULT D./J. Dunham (2+), C. Ellington, B. Dunford (m), B. Billard (m) East    West
2015/02/01 344 Desiderata


(only 1 +)

J. Bardecker NV
2015/01/30 166 Rhodope

OCCULT  (with DAMIT model)

All Chords

T. Wilson, C. Bracken/J. Leeson/C. Michael, S. Bertels, S. Messner (2+, 1 m),

C. Sherrod (m), R. Cadmus (m), F./V. Germann/M. Magruder (m), F. Olsen (m)

2015/01/28 194 Prokne OCCULT P. Maley (2+), T. Campbell, B. Cudnik, R. Venable (3-) All
2015/01/25 204 Kallisto


(only 1 +)

S. Conard MD
2015/01/20 110 Lydia


(only 1 +)

G. Blair NJ
2015/01/20 702 Alauda OCCULT

J. Bardecker, O. Bateson, P. Maley, J. Keller/K. Ritter/D. Glenn, C. McPartlin (m), K. Schindler (m), D. Breit (m), D. Otte (m), C. Arrowsmith (m), R. Jones (m),

T. George (m), C. Anderson (m)



2015/01/15 541 Deborah


(only 1 +)

B. Timerson (ˈtī - mer - son), F. Dempsey (m) All
2015/01/10 786 Bredichina OCCULT D./J. Dunham (2+, 1m), R. Venable (1+, 1m), H. Gillespie, S. Conard (m) All
2015/01/10 489 Comacina OCCULT C. Ellington (2+), S. Conard, A. Scheck, E. Warner/D. Wellnitz, J. Brooks (m) All
2015/01/01 107 Camilla


(only 1 +)

with possible DAMIT model

A. Scheck, R. Dunford (m), C. Ellington (m) All





Miscellaneous Results (from other regions)



Reports without links are Incomplete - awaiting further observations.

(m) indicates a Miss observation within an event with at least 1 positive observation

*Profiles provided here are preliminary.

Profiles shown for the "only 1+" events are for observer feedback only.

Asteroid profiles only show the line of sight view at the time of the occultation.

The true size/shape of an asteroid in 3-dimensions cannot be determined from a single occultation.

Dave Herald should be contacted for "official" profile information.

Determining the Profile of an asteroid from a limited number of observations can lead to misrepresentations.




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