North American Asteroidal Occultation Program

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Star Catalog Comparisons and Prediction Information

updated Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 April 10  (599) Luisa

Station Sort    Pre-Point Stars (Tidewater area)

Search Area for Satellites

Pre-Point Star Chart for Tidewater area

Star Chart with Target and Antares area


Support for the ESO Large Programme

List of High Interest Asteroidal Occultations

(zipfile provided by Eric Frappa) 

Occultations by 2014 MU69 - June, July 2017

(Flyby target of New Horizons) 

5 October 2017

Triton occults UCAC4 410-143659

(Bruno Sicardy prediction - preferred)

Triton occults UCAC4 410-143659

(Occult prediction)

Path Coordinates


Miscellaneous Files Associated with Observations

  **  IOTA's Eclipse Edge Determination Experiment  **  

Erigone occults Regulus - 20 March 2014

David Dunham's Miss report from Bermuda

Kelly Beatty Summary for Sky and Telescope

Roger Venable Edit of David Dunham Venus Occultation

(4.4 Mb)

Alternate Video (mpg2)  (1.2 Mb)

IOTA Handout - mid-August 2017 Asteroidal Occultations

provided by David Dunham

  CYGNSS satellites (P. Maley)

2015 April 2  4:54 UT

Prediction Map

Orientation of 90 Antiope and Satellite from IMCCE

Orientation along Predicted Path

How To Observe the Argentina Occultation

By Steve Conard (Word document)

Venus occults lambda Aquarii - 16 April 2014

Animation of Event from behind Earth


Miscellaneous Files

D. Dunham's Mid-Atlantic Occultation Summary  

Quadea, the Incredible Shrinking Asteroid

presentation to APL Astronomy Club by David Dunham

Interactive maps for North American Lunar grazing occultations

(Brad Timerson's Graze page)
(Includes forms & procedures for reporting lunar total and grazing occultation observations)

IOTA Plans for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (PPT)

David Dunham

Solar Eclipse Google Map



The Index of Worldwide Asteroidal Occultation Reports

compiled by Hayato Watanabe


Primary North American Coordinator

Backup Coordinators

North American Asteroidal Occultation Results

2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017

Report your Observations

Report Form Templates

Text Form


Predictions Important IOTA Pages

Other Web Links


Steve Preston's Page

Derek Breit's Page

David Dunham's Page

Steve Messner's Page


Occultations of Bright Stars

(Denis Denissenko)

Lunar Grazing Occultations - 2016



Asteroidal Occultations in 2017 Worldwide List

Asteroidal Occultations in 2017 North/Central America

(provided by Edwin Goffin)

ReadMe Notes



IOTA Administrative Page

IOTA Lunar Occultations Page


IOTA Annual Meetings:  1983 - present


2007-2014 IOTA Annual Meetings Page


2015 Annual Meeting Page

2016 Annual Meeting Page


IOTA Awards Page



Australia/New Zealand


Latin America


Worldwide Homepage


Downloads Miscellaneous Files Publications


An Occultation Observer Primer  (text file)


An Occultation Timing Primer Word  HTML


Introduction to Occultations (pdf)

Paul Maley, Richard Nugent


Occultations by Asteroid Satellites


Lunar Occultations of Comets  Word    Text


Chasing the Shadow:

The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual


FREE Software Downloads



Occultation Prediction Software

by Dave Herald



Occultation Planning Software by Hristo Pavlov

(highly recommended planning software, informs you of
  asteroidal and TNO occultations visible from your
  site or region; IOTA's main tool for coordinating
  observations to optimally cover event paths)



software for measuring occultation light curves

User webpage (NEW!)

Version zip file (latest version)

Version zip file



software for measuring occultation light curves and photometry



OccuRec is a video recorder for Windows that has been specifically created to provide better options for recording Asteroidal Occultations


Occular 4.0

Occular 4.0 Download File (zipfile)

Installation Instructions (text file)


Important Paper!

Analysis of Camera Delay Corrections (Word file)

Analysis of Camera Delay Corrections (PDF file)

by Tony George




video editing software



video editing software


 R-code Occultation Timing Extractor

(R-OTE) v. 4.5.1

(103 Mb file)

Latest update!



Important:  KIWI-VTI Startup Procedures

by Dave Gault


The "Mighty-Mini" Videocamera System

by Scotty Degenhardt


Timing Using CCD Drift Scanning

Drift Scan Description


The Effects of Optical Miniaturization on Occultations

by Scott Degenhardt (webpage)


My Metis Meteor  by Scott Degenhardt


Multi-Station Occultation Observing (7.5 Mb PP)

by Scotty Degenhardt


Scotty Degenhardt's Time Code

Procedures with the Canon ZR

( 850kb ZIP file)


How Scotty Degenhardt Sets Up Multiple Remote Stations

(16 kb ZIP file)


How to Download and Reduce Asteroid Occultation  DV Tapes

Richard Nolthenius


WWVB-based video time inserter

John Wright


JXD990-8000 Video Recorder Manual


"Maxi" Mount for use with 120mm refractor

(August 2013 update)

Canon ZR Date Code Reducer (Excel)

How to Reduce Time-Stamped Videos (Word)

(uses above Excel Form)


How To Basics. Using various Software programs.

Richard Nolthenius


Suggestions for Cold Weather Deployments (zipfile)


Video Camera and Focal Reducer Connections


Camera and focal reducer Hyades comparisons

(David and Joan Dunham)



The "Hercules" Club

Observers who have positioned themselves between the two shadows

of a double asteroid,

so as to observe an occultation by neither component.


Powerpoint Presentation to

N. Virginia Astronomy Club

by David Dunham - April 13, 2008 ( 5 Mb)


Richard Nugent's Solar Eclipse Summary


----------  Minor Planet Bulletin articles  ----------

A Trio of Well-Observed Asteroidal

Occultations in 2008

Minor Planet Bulletin, 2009 July-Sept.

pp. 98-100


Occultations by 81 Terpsichore and 694 Ekard

in 2009 at Different Rotational Phase Angles

Minor Planet Bulletin, 2010 Oct-Dec

pp. 140-142


Several Well-Observed Asteroidal Occultations in 2010

Minor Planet Bulletin, 2011 Oct-Dec

pp. 200-204


Occultation Evidence for a satellite of the

Trojan asteroid 911 Agamemnon

Planetary and Space Science

Vol. 87, October 2013, pp. 78-84

Full text (as PDF download) available from

Cornell University Library


Asteroidal Occultation by 82 Alkmene and the

Inversion Model Match

Minor Planet Bulletin, 2015 Apr-Jun

pp. 129-131



----------  JDSO New Double Star articles  ----------

(select Archives)

Vol 6, No 2   1049 Feodosia

Vol 7, No 2   675 Ludmilla

Vol 7, No 3   790 Pretoria

Vol 7, No 3   160 Una


336 Lacadiera

695 Bella



Review of the 29 May Eudora Occultation

(by D. Dunham)


 Gravic Astronomy Workshop - Saturday, October 8th

(proposed agenda)

Summary of the Astronomy Workshop at Gravic




Basic Information on Occultations (Eclipses) and the July 19, 2011 occultation by Antiope

David Dunham


Special Page for Antiope Occultation - July 19, 2011

(from 2011 Meeting)



North American Annular Eclipse, May 20, 2012

Richard Nugent




Important Information Regarding Star Catalog Comparisons

provided by Dave Herald from the OCCULT Help files

Updated (July 21, 2010) Information

Word Document (for printing)


North American weather satellite image


Western North America weather satellite image


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