Grazing Occultations during the total lunar eclipse of 2011 June 15

Spectacular graze of 4.8-mag. 51 Ophiuchi will be visible near the southern limit across s. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

by Eberhard Riedel

Below are links to maps and data for the brighter lunar grazing 
occultations during the lunar eclipse of 2011 June 15.  Data for the 
paths are given if the graze occurs on a part of the Moon that is in 
the Earth's umbra, either during totality, or during the partial 
umbral phases before and after totality.  If you are within a 
kilometer or two of these predicted lines, the star will probably 
flash off and on (disappear and reappear) several times behind lunar 
mountains and craters as it appears to move along a line tangent to 
the Moon's disk.  Thanks to the Japanese Kaguya lunar mission and 
ESA's 1990-1993 Hipparcos mission to measure accurate stellar data, 
the lunar profile can now be predicted rather well for locating 
observers optimally to see the most multiple events during these 

Much information about observing occultations of all types is in 
"Chasing the Shadow:  The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual" 
available for free download here.

Worldwide grazing occultations during the June 15th lunar eclipse 
to mag. 10.0 (mainly E. Hemisphere)


Map, 2011 June 15 lunar eclipse grazes 

Path data

Path #4 is the southern limit of the occultation of 4.8-mag.
51 Ophiuchi = ZC 2523 over southeastern Asia.  It should be visible 
marginally to the naked eye if skies are clear, and will be 
spectacular as seen with binoculars or any small telescope.

For predictions of lunar grazing occultations during all other dates 
of 2011, when there is no total lunar eclipse, click here.  That Web 
site includes worldwide grazes of stars of 3rd mag. and brighter, 
and some regional maps including stars to 6th or 7th mag., for North 
America, Europe, eastern Australia, and New Zealand.

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