Interactive GoogleMap of Shadow Path

Prepared by Brad Timerson

Generated using Occult v4
This is a beta test (does not work on all browsers) using GOOGLE Maps.
Google map and offset coding by Geoff Hitchcox <Kiwi Geoff>
 Path calculations by OCCULT software.

Zoom in and out with control at left of map. You can "drag" map by holding down left mouse button.
The lat/lon and perpendicular distance from center path is given above the Map.
GREEN=Center of Path , Gray=User defined offsets to center line.
BLUE=Predicted Path , RED=One Sigma Error Limits.

#### Handy HINT #### If you are using dialup and not all tiles load on the map,
press the "-" pad on the zoom control (left side of map) then one second later press the "+" pad.
This will take you back to the same zoom setting, but reload any tiles that are missing. 

## Place Holder for NAME of event ##

To create a chart showing the Elevation between 2 or more points on the Map.
Click on the Map where you want to start an elevation profile, click again on a second location ,
a chart will be created (below the Map) showing the elevation profile between the two (or more) points.
Once the chart has come up, "mouse over" the blue elevation profile data, to create a movable icon
that relates the elevation with position on the map. If you mouse click in the blue chart area
a dialog box will pop up, showing the elevation at that point.
You can also "drag" the red balloon markers to a new position if you wish.
Press the "Clear elevation markers" if you want to create a new elevation profile.

Top of Map = North , Left = West , Right = East , Bottom = South

Use + or - in following input boxes to decide which side of the GREEN line to draw line.
A + value places a line on the True Right Hand Side of the path (in direction of increasing time).
When this page initially opens, one gray line is set further out from the center (GREEN) path.
The further displaced gray line (as you zoom in) is the True RIGHT HAND side of the path.

To set gray offset line A (in km perpendicular to GREEN line), edit this box then

To set gray offset line B (in km perpendicular to GREEN line), edit this box then