Using LiMovie

This page contains information on the use of LiMovie in the creation of CSV files

and light curves from asteroidal and lunar occultations.


Tutorial videos will be available here along with sample videos you can use for practice.

Also included will be text files outlining special procedures that may be required.


Introduction to LiMovie

This video provides a basic introduction to LiMovie and shows the steps in obtaining a

CSV file and light curve from a tracked asteroidal occultation.

LiMovie and Drift Through Videos

This video adds new procedures to those from the first video to obtain and CSV file and light curve from a video in which the target drifts steadily through the field of view.



Practice Videos

These are large, AVI video files.  Be sure you are working from a location with a high speed internet connection.

You should download these videos to your computer for use with LiMovie


Tracked Asteroidal Occultation - Deborah  (78 Mb) Used in Introduction to LiMovie
Drift Through Asteroidal Occultation - Viola  (87 Mb) Used in LiMovie and Drift Through Videos

Note:  These practice videos use the Lagarith Lossless Codec.

If you don't have this codec installed on your computer (in VirtualDub, click Video menu item, Compression and see if Lagarith Lossless is listed),

then go to this website and run the Lagarith Installer shown near the bottom of the page.


Additional Notes and Procedures

This section will contain additional procedures not covered in the videos.