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IOTA's Citizen Science Effort for the

21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse


Simple Smart Phone Procedures

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Smart Phone WITH Photographic Tripod

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Smart Phone WITHOUT

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Advanced - with Telescope and Equipment

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Lunar Occultation Videos
Event Description Videographer Date
Lunar Occultations with Run Cam Night Eagle Astro Don Stockbauer April/May, 2017
Reappearance of Neptune Dave Herald 22 April 2017
Occultation of Aldebaran Summary multiple 20-Jan-2016
Graze of SAO 163293 (49 events!!) Dave Herald 17-Nov-2015
Reappearance of Venus (2 Nov 2015 update) David and Joan Dunham 8-Oct-2015
Reappearance of Uranus Dave Herald 11-Jun-2015
Occultation of Saturn and its Moons Dave Herald 4-Aug-2014

Graze of El Nath (beta Tauri)

Graze of El Nath (beta Tauri)

Gary Nealis

David Dunham

Graze of alpha2 Librae during lunar eclipse David Dunham 4-May-1985
Graze of ZC 798 from 3 stations David and Joan Dunham 2- Aug-2013
Graze of Spica from Japan Katsuhiko Kitazaki 29-Nov-1994
Small Cusp Angle Graze of ZC 628 David Dunham 11-Aug-2012
Graze of 37 Tauri (ZC 599) with multiple events Ernie Iverson 22-Aug-2011
Double Star Discovery - SAO 97883

D. Herald

B. Sandy

1 May 2009

6 June 2000

Graze of ZC 3108 with multiple events Dave Gault 22-Mar-2009
Antares Graze from W. Australia Dave Herald 17-Feb-2009
Aldebaran Graze from Massachusetts Phil Dombrowski, Scott Tracy, P. Dombrowski 12-Sep-1998
Graze of mu Arietis Dave Clark 12-Jun-2007
Reappearance of Antares with secondary Dave Gault 14-May-2006
Graze of 85 Ceti with multiple events Brad Timerson 15-Jul-2001
Asteroidal Occultation Videos
Event Description Videographer(s) Date
Minerva and its moon Gorgoneion Steve Messner 6-Sept-2014
Erigone/Regulus Miss videos from Bermuda David Dunham 20-Mar-2014
Discovery of satellite of Agamemnon (11 Feb update) Steve Conard 19-Jan-2012
Arachne graze with 3 events David Dunham 28-Dec-2011
Antiope Scotty Degenhardt 19-Jul-2011
Una and new Double Star Dennis di Cicco 24-Jan-2011
Dike Steve Messner 26-Sep-2010
Roma Jan Mánek 8-Jul-2010
Kolga Paul Maley, Brian Williams, Bob Gent 5-Feb-2010
Pulcova using CCD Bruce Berger 8-Oct-2009
Bohemia short duration Dave Gault 7-Jun-2009
Pluto occults a star Dave Gault 22-Jun-2008
Thusnelda "graze" David Dunham 18-Dec-2007
Inanda "contact binary?" Gene Mroz 15-Nov-2007
Iduna "graze" Jim Stoffaire 22-Aug-2007
Bamberga Dave Gault 20-Apr-2007
Xanthe Don Loftus 18-Apr-2007
Xanthe Richard Nugent 18-Apr-2007
Palma Richard Nugent 26-Jan-2007
Panopaea Dave Clark 14-Dec-2006
Phocaea "graze" Brad Timerson 3-Oct-2006
Dike - southern station David Dunham 1-Dec-2005
Dike - station near central line David Dunham 1-Dec-2005
Dike - northern station (possible binary) David Dunham 1-Dec-2005
Rhodope occults Regulus David Dunham 19-Oct-2005
Jupiter/Saturn Satellite Events
Event Description Videographer Date
Io eclipses Europa Jan Mánek, Jaromir Jindra 26-Sep-2009
Callisto eclipses Io Dave Herald 16-May-2009
Europa eclipses Callisto Dave Herald 10-Jun-2009


Miscellaneous Events
Event Description Videographer Date
Getting Started with Occultation Science - NEAF 2015 Ted Blank 2015
ISS transit of Sun's disk (file download - not YouTube) Brad Timerson 4-May-2014
Lambda Aquarii reappears from behind Venus John Broughton 16-Apr-2014
P 103/Comet Hartley 2 appulse with b Persei Aart Olsen 15- Oct-2010
Baily's Beads - French Polynesia Richard Nugent 11-Jul-2010
Baily's Beads - Uganda Richard Nugent 15-Jan-2010
UStream re-Broadcast of Antares graze Scott Degenhardt 26-Jun-2009
Motion of NEO 2009 DO111 Steve Messner 19-Mar-2009
Motion of NEO 2009 DD45 Dave Herald 2-Mar-2009
Baily's Beads - China Richard Nugent 1-Aug-2008
2007 TU24 animation Patrick Wiggins 28-Jan-2008
Baily's Beads - Turkey Richard Nugent 11-Aug-1999
Baily's Beads - Curacao Richard Nugent 26-Feb-1998
Baily's Beads - India Richard Nugent 24-Oct-1995
Baily's Beads - Peru Richard Nugent 29-Apr-1995
Shoemaker-Levy 9 fragment "B" hits Jupiter Richard Nugent 17-Jul-1994
Baily's Beads during 10 May 1994 Annular Eclipse Terri McManus, Brad May 10-May-1994
Baily's Beads during 10 May 1994 Annular Eclipse Richard Wilds, Craig McManus 10-May-1994
Baily's Beads during 10 May 1994 Annular Eclipse Ken Wilcox 10-May-1994

Miscellaneous Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Presenter Date Submitted
Using LiMovie to Analyze a Drift Through Asteroidal Occultation Brad Timerson March 2017
Basic Use of LiMovie Brad Timerson March 2017
Using Occular to Analyze an Asteroidal Occultation Light Curve Brad Timerson January 2017
Reporting Lunar Total Occultations using Occult Brad Timerson 19 October 2016
Reporting Lunar Grazes using Occult Brad Timerson 19 October 2016
Reporting Lunar Double Star Occultations using Occult Brad Timerson 19 October 2016
Submitting Asteroidal Occultation Light Curves using Occult Brad Timerson 19 October 2016
Submitting Lunar Occultation Light Curves using Occult Brad Timerson 19 October 2016
Using R-OTE    Video 1: Starting Program/Entering Files Tony George 21 June 2017
Using R-OTE    Video 2: Analyzing the Light Curve Tony George 21 June 2017
Using R-OTE    Video 3: Locating the Square Wave Tony George 21 June 2017
Using R-OTE    Video 4: Creating Reports Tony George 21 June 2017
Using PYOTE Brad Timerson 19 November 2017
Filling out the Excel Asteroidal Report Form - latest version Brad Timerson 9 March 2018



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