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last updated on Sunday, February 14, 2016


Lunar Occultation Videos
Event Description Videographer Date
Occultation of Aldebaran Summary multiple 20-Jan-2016
Graze of SAO 163293 (49 events!!) Dave Herald 17-Nov-2015
Reappearance of Venus (2 Nov 2015 update) David and Joan Dunham 8-Oct-2015
Reappearance of Uranus Dave Herald 11-Jun-2015
Occultation of Saturn and its Moons Dave Herald 4-Aug-2014

Graze of El Nath (beta Tauri)

Graze of El Nath (beta Tauri)

Gary Nealis

David Dunham

Graze of alpha2 Librae during lunar eclipse David Dunham 4-May-1985
Graze of ZC 798 from 3 stations David and Joan Dunham 2- Aug-2013
Graze of Spica from Japan Katsuhiko Kitazaki 29-Nov-1994
Small Cusp Angle Graze of ZC 628 David Dunham 11-Aug-2012
Graze of 37 Tauri (ZC 599) with multiple events Ernie Iverson 22-Aug-2011
Double Star Discovery - SAO 97883

D. Herald

B. Sandy

1 May 2009

6 June 2000

Graze of ZC 3108 with multiple events Dave Gault 22-Mar-2009
Antares Graze from W. Australia Dave Herald 17-Feb-2009
Aldebaran Graze from Massachusetts Phil Dombrowski, Scott Tracy, P. Dombrowski 12-Sep-1998
Graze of mu Arietis Dave Clark 12-Jun-2007
Reappearance of Antares with secondary Dave Gault 14-May-2006
Graze of 85 Ceti with multiple events Brad Timerson 15-Jul-2001
Asteroidal Occultation Videos
Event Description Videographer(s) Date
Minerva and its moon Gorgoneion Steve Messner 6-Sept-2014
Erigone/Regulus Miss videos from Bermuda David Dunham 20-Mar-2014
Discovery of satellite of Agamemnon (11 Feb update) Steve Conard 19-Jan-2012
Arachne graze with 3 events David Dunham 28-Dec-2011
Antiope Scotty Degenhardt 19-Jul-2011
Una and new Double Star Dennis di Cicco 24-Jan-2011
Dike Steve Messner 26-Sep-2010
Roma Jan Mánek 8-Jul-2010
Kolga Paul Maley, Brian Williams, Bob Gent 5-Feb-2010
Pulcova using CCD Bruce Berger 8-Oct-2009
Bohemia short duration Dave Gault 7-Jun-2009
Pluto occults a star Dave Gault 22-Jun-2008
Thusnelda "graze" David Dunham 18-Dec-2007
Inanda "contact binary?" Gene Mroz 15-Nov-2007
Iduna "graze" Jim Stoffaire 22-Aug-2007
Bamberga Dave Gault 20-Apr-2007
Xanthe Don Loftus 18-Apr-2007
Xanthe Richard Nugent 18-Apr-2007
Palma Richard Nugent 26-Jan-2007
Panopaea Dave Clark 14-Dec-2006
Phocaea "graze" Brad Timerson 3-Oct-2006
Dike - southern station David Dunham 1-Dec-2005
Dike - station near central line David Dunham 1-Dec-2005
Dike - northern station (possible binary) David Dunham 1-Dec-2005
Rhodope occults Regulus David Dunham 19-Oct-2005
Jupiter/Saturn Satellite Events
Event Description Videographer Date
Io eclipses Europa Jan Mánek, Jaromir Jindra 26-Sep-2009
Callisto eclipses Io Dave Herald 16-May-2009
Europa eclipses Callisto Dave Herald 10-Jun-2009


Miscellaneous Events
Event Description Videographer Date
ISS transit of Sun's disk (file download - not YouTube) Brad Timerson 4-May-2014
Lambda Aquarii reappears from behind Venus John Broughton 16-Apr-2014
P 103/Comet Hartley 2 appulse with b Persei Aart Olsen 15- Oct-2010
Baily's Beads - French Polynesia Richard Nugent 11-Jul-2010
Baily's Beads - Uganda Richard Nugent 15-Jan-2010
UStream re-Broadcast of Antares graze Scott Degenhardt 26-Jun-2009
Motion of NEO 2009 DO111 Steve Messner 19-Mar-2009
Motion of NEO 2009 DD45 Dave Herald 2-Mar-2009
Baily's Beads - China Richard Nugent 1-Aug-2008
2007 TU24 animation Patrick Wiggins 28-Jan-2008
Baily's Beads - Turkey Richard Nugent 11-Aug-1999
Baily's Beads - Curacao Richard Nugent 26-Feb-1998
Baily's Beads - India Richard Nugent 24-Oct-1995
Baily's Beads - Peru Richard Nugent 29-Apr-1995
Shoemaker-Levy 9 fragment "B" hits Jupiter Richard Nugent 17-Jul-1994
Baily's Beads during 10 May 1994 Annular Eclipse Terri McManus, Brad May 10-May-1994
Baily's Beads during 10 May 1994 Annular Eclipse Richard Wilds, Craig McManus 10-May-1994
Baily's Beads during 10 May 1994 Annular Eclipse Ken Wilcox 10-May-1994
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