The David E. Laird Award

of the International Occultation Timing Association




Past Award Recipients



Walt Morgan



Jean Meeus



Bob Sandy



Gordon E. Taylor



Harold Povenmire



Harold R. Povenmire - 2013 Award Recipient



Hal was one of the first graze observers, October 8, 1963.  He has led over 500 graze expeditions.

In one expedition, Hal, along with Paul Maley, obtained 235 chords the largest number for any single event 1983
Hal published the 1st book on Grazes in 1977, and co-authored an Occultation Observers Handbook in 2006

He has published over 250 articles on occultations and other fields associated with solar system material (meteorites, space travel, Tektites)

 and has authored books on other subjects

And finally, Hal has not one, but TWO, asteroids associated with his name!   12753 Povenmire for Katie and 15146 Halpov for Hal